An Introduction to Hypnosis

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Hypnosis is state of mind in which the actions and the emotions of an individual are controlled through a procedure of activities known as Hypnosis stimulation. The stimulation factor can vary from person to person and from one theory to another theory. Hypnosis depends on the mental state of the person it is being oriented to and also on the person who is producing this stimulus.

Hypnosis has long been a subject of discussion and rival theories. Some of the researchers have claimed that hypnosis is a type of fake medicine given to a patient as a potent one. In some case, just by the anticipation of the inert pill's effect, positive changes have been observed in the patients. These researchers believe that hypnosis is an advanced form of this effect. On the other hand there are theories about hypnosis being involved with conscious or unconscious mind of the person.

Several people have believed over the centuries that it is the unconscious mind which we can connect through hypnosis. Recent studies into the mechanics of the hypnosis have shown that the conscious part of the brain is the most connected one during this mental state. However the debate on this is on going for the last two decades.

Hypnosis has been defined into several phases as well. The studies reveal that over the passage of years, several scientists have given their account of their intensity driven categories of Hypnosis. Most of the times, these categories are based on the physiological trend, state of mind and the physical condition of the subject. Moreover it is also based on the tools employed for stimulating the process of hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been treated more like a mystic process over the last many years. But medical research has proven its benefits as it is these days involved in therapies of Trauma hit patients as well. Whether one calls it magic or medicine, if its objective remains positive, it is a beneficial thing and its practice should be continued.

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An Introduction to Hypnosis

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This article was published on 2010/04/02