Is Self Hypnosis the Easiest Self Therapy?

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Self hypnosis is an excellent form of self therapy and one of the easiest to use. With most types of self therapy techniques there is a lot of commitments and demands. How many self help books have you bought that are great reading, then all of a sudden you have to make a list of things that bothered you, or list things you dislike about yourself, or list things you love about yourself... who wants to really analyze oneself?

Self hypnosis and more specifically self hypnosis CD's and MP3's, make this process really easy. The only demands are that you take the time to sit or lay down, relax and put the cd in and listen. Pretty easy to accomplish. It may take you a few sessions to feel it, but once you let go and let the recording do it's thing, it can be a marvelous experience.

Self Hypnosis Accesses Your Subconscious Mind

By bypassing your conscious mind and addressing your subconscious directly self hypnosis recordings are making suggestions directly where it can do you the most good. Your subconscious just follows orders from your conscious mind, so by accessing this part of your brain directly, and implanting the right ideas or suggestions, your brain responds more rapidly than trying to do affirmations or thinking positively. The negative thoughts buried deep and programmed into your subconscious can be overwritten directly at their source. Using affirmations requires you to be more proactive, thereby you are using your conscious mind to try and override your subconscious. Self hypnosis is more of an autopilot way of doing this without you having to use your conscious mind.

Self therapy is a growing trend and has been for a long time and self hypnosis is a growing form of doing this. Going to a therapist, or a hypnotist for that matter, can become expensive and in these economic times, we are all about saving where we can. So give self hypnosis a try.

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Self Hypnosis has become a popular and very powerful tool you can use for changing your mind and your life by tapping into the powers of your subconscious mind. Self hypnosis can help with many issues such as weight loss, quitting smoking, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and releasing any fears. For Self Hypnosis CD's, MP3's, tips and recommendations visit us at

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Is Self Hypnosis the Easiest Self Therapy?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04