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Self hypnosis is basically a meditation or relaxation technique. Many people all over the globe have benefited from it. Many report they started feeling a boost in their confidence and productivity after trying it. Some also report that they got rid of many 'body aches' after practicing self hypnosis. Psychologists recommend self hypnosis but there are some potential warnings that you should consider before going for it.

Do not think it can address all the issues in your life. Self hypnosis is not a miracle. When you have too many problems or complications in your life try consulting a therapist and leave the self hypnosis as a relaxation technique only.

In case of a medical condition, speak to your doctor first. Before trying to heal a medical condition consult your doctor before trying. He may or may not allow you to do it and also may tell you about how far you should go before trying.

Do not stop your medication without the doctor's advice. No matter how better are you feeling after the self hypnosis, never cut off or reduce your medicine dose without your doctor's advice. Remember self hypnosis convinces your mind that there is no pain, but the medicines have to cure the body.

Do not delve into past. Never ever try to delve into past during a self hypnosis. This can impose serious dangers to mental health.

Do not come out of the state at once. You should come out of the state as slowly as you went into it. Disturbances or coming out abruptly can cause an increase in the blood pressure or faster heart beat. Also, after coming out of the state, do not attempt to do anything for 10 minutes. Give yourself sometime to alert the body completely. Just take care of these things and you will be able to use self hypnosis to your full advantage.

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Self Hypnosis Advice

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This article was published on 2010/04/02