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I first started using hypnosis for sleep around two years ago after suffering with insomnia for almost 15 years. It has helped cure my insomnia and I would recommend using hypnosis for sleep problems such as insomnia to anyone else out their who finds it almost impossible to get a full nights sleep.

Learning to Use hypnosis for sleep is much easier than one would imagine, it is simply a matter of learning your body and mind to relax completely. putting yourself in a deep relaxation enables communication with the subconscious mind to become possible, once this stage is reached you can then feed suggestions to remove the mental blockages that are preventing you from sleeping. This can be done with both self hypnosis or through the use of a hypnosis for sleep recording that you listen to in bed.

There are many websites dedicated to the use of hypnosis for sleep, many of which will give you a step by step routine to follow if you wish to try achieving it by yourself or offering downloadable recordings if you would rather follow the instructions of a qualified hypnotherapist. The following is a basic run down of such a routine for hypnosis for sleep:

  • Make the bedroom as dark and quiet as possible.
  • Also put on loose pajamas' or even get naked if circumstances permit.
  • Lay on your back making yourself as comfortable as possible.
  • Taking deep breathes, starting at the toes and moving up your body relax each part.
  • when the whole body is completely relaxed it is then you can use certain commands that will help promote sleep to the subconscious.
  • You usually then drop off sound to sleep or easily fall asleep shortly after the session as ended.
This is the basics behind all programs that use hypnosis for sleep, but obviously each part having a lot more detail to it. Such as the step that involves relaxing each part of the body, you would imagine a bright light starting at your toes and slowly letting your whole body be absorbed by it totally relaxing you and quieting the mind. I would say it is a lot easier when been guided through the process by an hypnotist although it is possible to get the hang of doing it yourself quite quickly (usually one-two weeks).

So for anyone reading this suffering from insomnia and considering using self hypnosis for sleep I would suggest to find the best step by step guide recommended by others who have done it themselves or consider investing in an hypnosis for sleep recording if you'd prefer guided hypnosis.

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Using Hypnosis For Sleep

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This article was published on 2010/03/28